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VIMS Blogs provide first-hand accounts from faculty, staff, and students at the Virginia Institute of Marine Science as they conduct research in Chesapeake Bay and beyond. The blogs also give you the opportunity to interact by posting questions and comments. Learn about the thrill of scientific discovery and the agony of da’ muddy feet!

Our student, faculty and staff bloggers are all volunteers and we are enormously grateful for their collective stories about VIMS research.

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Certified Organic Carbon Blog
Follow along with VIMS graduate student Amanda Knobloch as she conducts research in Taskinas Creek at York River State Park in Williamsburg.

EcoAmbassador Blog
Follow along with William & Mary student Rachel Wimmer as she explores sustainability at VIMS!

VIMS Sturgeon Blog
Follow along with Dr. Pat McGrath as he acoustically tags and tracks Atlantic sturgeon in the James, York, Mattaponi and Pamunkey Rivers.

  • The End of the Fall Spawning Run
  • First Spawning Female Caught on the Pamunkey!!!!
  • Three More Males
  • First one of the season
  • They’re Back!!!!
  • ABC Director’s Blog
    Updates and insight straight from the Director of the Aquaculture Genetics & Breeding Technology Center at VIMS Dr. Stan Allen.

  • Adventures in low salinity
  • The OAT experience: Graduation 5.0
  • The case for a research hatchery
  • The REU Contribution
  • Spawning season at KAC
  • Zambia Peace Corps Blog
    Follow along with VIMS alumna Jaime Blackburn as she blogs about her experiences as a Peace Corps volunteer developing fish farms in Zambia.

  • Banene
  • The real trick is…
  • Kulamba Kubwalo
  • Football!
  • Wasp Wars
  • Antarctica Blogs
    Come along as VIMS scientists take part in the Palmer Long-Term Ecological Research Program (PAL-LTER) at the U.S. Palmer Station on the Antarctic Peninsula. The VIMS component of the PAL-LTER program is led by Professor Deborah Steinberg.

  • Nov 25: The Spirit of Sydney
  • November 23: Gliders
  • Nov 13: Freshies
  • 11-11-11
  • October 28: Krill!
  • Nov 1: Boating Training
  • Oct 24: Echo Sounder
  • Oct 23: The Polar Plunge
  • October 15: The Voyage to Palmer
  • Oct 8: Back to Antarctica
  • Sturgeon Museum Blogs
    VIMS researchers Eric Hilton and Casey Dillman report on their expedition to sturgeon collaborators and collections in Russia, Romania, and France. Tag along as they describe their visits to some of the world’s oldest, largest, and most important natural history museums.

  • In the steps of giants
  • Nov 5: The Second to Last (or The Gross Dissection) leg of the trip
  • Oct 31: Connections in a small field
  • Oct 28: What’s In a Name?
  • Oct 23: Time Travel
  • Oct 19: Why Sturgeons?
  • Museum Sturgeon Blogs
  • Oct 5: Museum Sturgeon Blogs
  • A Wales of a Blog
    Students and faculty from the Virginia Institute of Marine Science and the College of William and Mary report from their field course in Wales, part of an ongoing marine science exchange program between VIMS and Bangor University. The 2011 field course was led by VIMS professors Mark Luckenbach and Jim Perry.

  • Cwm Idwal: A Journey through Geological Time
  • Red Wharf Bay
  • All Hail the Prince Madog
  • Foiled Again
  • 1126 Steps
  • Tide pools and Tea
  • Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch
  • The Tidal Zone
  • Castles & Cockles
  • Over the [Telford] Bridge and Through the Dunes, to Newborough Beach We Go!
  • The Joys of Welsh
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